McLaren Mysteries

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Book Events

Drop by an event, meet Jo, and purchase a book or two.  Who knows...I might just be there.

Mon. 1/1 All day New Year's Day
All day New Year's Day
Tue. 1/2 All day 2nd January (Scotland)
Mon. 1/15 All day Martin Luther King, Jr's Day
Fri. 2/2 All day Groundhog Day
Mon. 2/12 All day Lincoln's Birthday
Wed. 2/14 All day Valentine's Day
All day Valentine's Day
Mon. 2/19 All day President's Day
Thu. 2/22 All day Washington's Birthday
Thu. 3/1 All day St. David's Day
Sun. 3/11 All day Daylight Saving Time Begins
Sat. 3/17 All day St. Patrick's Day
All day St. Patrick's Day (N. Ireland)
Sun. 4/1 All day April Fool's Day
Sun. 4/15 All day Tax Day
Sat. 4/21 All day Queen's Birthday
Sun. 4/22 All day Earth Day
Mon. 4/23 All day St. George's Day
Sat. 5/5 All day Cinco de Mayo
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