McLaren Mysteries

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In Case You'd Like to Know...

Summer 2017 – Book Release!

AN UNWILLING SUSPECT, 7th McLaren book, is brand new.   The adventure picks up following the events of NO KNOWN ADDRESS.

Summer 2017 – Music Release!

The music for AN UNWILLING SUSPECT is the traditional Scottish folk song "The Flowers of he Forest."  This version is recently recorded by The McCalmans, world-famous Scottish folk singing trio, who accompany their singing on guitars, concertina and tin whistle.  They came out of retirement to do this recording especially for AN UNWILLING SUSPECT.   The song is an ancient Scottish folk tune lamenting the defeat of the Scottish army of James IV (more than 10,000 men killed - the titular "Flowers of the Forest") at the Battle of Flodden in September 1513.  The song was written by Jean Elliott sometime in the mid or late 1700s, and describes the grief of women and children at the loss of their young men.

Winter 2017 – Book Release!

ARRESTED FLIGHT, 8th McLaren book.   Brand new, following one day after the end of AN UNWILLING SUSPECT.

December 2017 – Concert!

World premiere of the music that compliments the novel ARRESTED FLIGHT.   The piece, titled  "Arrested Flight,"  is a set of four character pieces composed by Robert Chamberlin, and is written for two pianos.  The pieces describe different characters, settings, and images in the book.  Musical quotations from Classical repertoire and traditional folk styles are used throughout.  Movements include "The Laurels," "Lily's Song," "The Fairies," and "Arrested Flight."